Artist's Biography

I have always loved art - especially the pictures my Son brought
home from school.
I have dabbled in and out of the art scene since the early 70's. I
love sculpting, basket weaving, throwing on the wheel and making
beaded jewelry!
My crooked birdhouses, cat family, desert dogs,  Salton Sea pots
and whimsical Spirit bells give the illusion of perfection, almost!
Being of Scottish and American Indian heritage has helped to give
me a unique perspective for life and the role that art plays
in our culture.
While living in Alaska I was a member of the Anchorage Potters'
Guild and the Girdwood Visual Arts Center.

I am the Chairman of the Art in the Dunes Festival  and hope that
you will support the wonderful individuals who will be joining me in
Bermuda Dunes.
Artist's Biography
Gwen Hughes

Graduate of SAIT

Major in Painting and Sculpture.
Since 1979

Represented  by Galleries in the US and Canada.

Gwen has created murals for the Agua Caliente Indian
Band in Palm Springs and Lindi Bigi bird garden in Palm
Desert, California as well as many private customers.

Her Cow bench is displayed at Eau Claire Centre in
Calgary, Alberta and Camel Bench in Palm Springs, CA.

Internationally Known

Winner of Sculpture competitions in both Calgary, Alberta
and Palm Springs California.

The little robin you see on this page is a sweet little bird
that Gwen saved as a baby.  She was delighted that her
nurturing helped to totally rehabilitate this happy bird
which now flies free.  Every so often her bird will walk into
the house for a visit to greet Gwen.  So if you see a little
robin out there you may be looking at Gwen's bird who
sends love by being a part of her website.  

Click Below for Gwen's website:

Rich is a native Californian who currently resides in
Beaumont, CA where he works in his studio creating art. The
clay creations Rich Lopez produces represents a long
journey he soulfully embraces. His journey began in the early
60’s and is moving strong 40 years later. His clay art has
many shapes and directions. His ability to use the visions of
into everything he creates.
Rich started working with clay in 2002 and began selling his
art in Palm Springs. Since then his art has been in many fine
galleries throughout the Western United States. Rich’s unique
ability to reproduce native baskets on the potter’s wheel is
truly amazing.

Rich is the new Director of Art at Cabot’s Pueblo Museum in
Desert Hot Springs. He is also Cabot’s resident artist where
he will begin demonstrating throwing clay 5 days a week in
their courtyard beginning October 2009.  

Rich’s creations include; Slabwork, Potter’s Wheel,
Sculpture, and Custom High Relief Tiles.
Click on images for larger view
Raku Pottery

Meet Mike and Judy Cramer...
Mike and Judy met 36 years ago in, what else, a ceramics class at
Pasadena City College. Their life-long appreciation for each other began
simply, with a shared passion for clay.

With Judy's support, Mike continued his education at the Brooks Art Institute
in Santa Barbara, California. By 1973 they had opened their first clay studio
in San Marcos, California, where they began to apply their skills in earnest.

In 1976 the Cramer's took a 20 year hiatus from clay, while Mike worked as a
youth probation counselor, attended seminary and pastored two Christian
churches for 16 years.

Judy also kept very busy during this period, providing a home for the growing

Then, about 12 years ago, a business man and friend in the town where the
Cramer's were pastoring a church told Mike, "You look tired, and need a
break from the church."

To make a long story short, their benefactor bought the Cramer's a kiln and
encouraged them to "make pots and get rested up."

Little did they know, they wouldn't be getting much rest...

Now Mike and Judy have a home and studio in Yucca Valley, California. They
travel throughout the western states, and participate in about 20 juried art
shows a year.


has been involved with many forms of art since
she was a child. Born and raised in Poland, she was drawn to the magical
world of colors and shapes in the
colorless reality of Eastern Europe during the 80's. She experimented with
photography and watercolors,
but it was not until 1995 (when she moved to the United States) that she
discovered her artistic medium -
Malgosia’s pottery is a combination of a wheel throwing and hand building
Her big raku coil bowls and series of “treasure” boxes started to be her trade
mark. She especially loves
working on the boxes, giving them different shape, adding some movement
and personality to each one of
them. She makes each piece one of a kind and unique. Malgosia opens
herself to the creativity and the
pots simply flow out of her. She believes that the work in clay is a reflection of
the lifelong spiritual journey
and since everything is changing all the time her pottery is changing constantly
Malgosia's website: Click HERE