David and Stephanie Salter

David's Biography
My interest in photography dates back to the 1960's when I built my own
darkroom and experimented with black and white images. The digital
revolution rekindled my interest in photography with the computer  replacing
the darkroom. Toward the end of my long career as a biologist and college
professor, I made many digital images of a very wide range of biological
specimens--both macro and microscopic. Since retirement, my wife and I
have traveled from Baja California to Alaska photographing wildflowers,
wildlife and landscapes.   I have a special fondness for the great diversity of
wildflowers and the many challenges offered by bird photography.

Stephanie's Biography   

Since retirement from over 20 years as an ICU & open-heart nurse,
Stephanie has joined her husband, David, in pursuit of interesting
photographs and running Digital Images. Her favorite lens is Canon's
versatile L-Series 100 to 400 mm zoom.


11/09 Best of Show, First & Second Places--
Morongo Art Colony/Chaparral Artist Show

Salter Website: HERE

My interest in environmental and landscape photographer
began as a youth.  I have been intrigued by the opportunities
nature provides for the unusual, beautiful and inspiring.  I have
completed a digital photography class at the College of the
Desert and I currently serve as a photographer for the Sun City
Palm Desert’s Homeowners’ Association’s Photography
I am a native Californian and I have lived in the Coachella
Valley for nearly seven years.  I try to find varied locations in
the area to photograph.  I have shot in Joshua Tree, Idyllwild,
the Salton Sea, the Wildlife Preserve in Palm Desert and many
other locations in and out of the Coachella Valley.  My
photographs include the usual of a flower or mountain to the
unusual a heap of beer bottles to a still life at the top of the
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I am looking forward to visiting with you at the Festival in
Bermuda Dunes!


Charlotte R. Rios

is a long-time resident of the Coachella Valley.  She is a retired
military disabilities counselor and avid solo, long-distance
motorcyclist.  She has biked nearly all states, including Alaska,
and twelve countries, all the while taking photographs.  She
describes herself as a point-and-shoot, in-your-face
picture-taker.  She uses no special equipment or computer
software.  She captures nature and humanity around us,
presenting the unique beauty of what is common, so we may
see the world anew.  Charlotte arranges her photo cards in
categories, of which there are 70, including a black and white
For a list of these categories, please contact her by email.  
She may be reached at

Peggy Bakke, Photographer

I am a part time photographer, whose hobby is
photography and it is my passion.
I primarily do black and white or digital color prints of
flowers and birds. And, I specialize in children's
portraiture in a garden setting (your garden or mine,
black and white.
I studied at the COD for 4 years. My photos have
been shown in the Millard Sheets Gallery at the LA
County Fair's juried exhibitions for '92-'99 and at the
Palm Springs Desert Museum student
exhibition in '93.
I have been in various shows with the former
LaQuinta Arts Association of local artists in previous