Custom Jewelry
Heather Thatcher

I've been drawing and painting since I was a child and I have
a degree in graphic design, but when I discovered beading
seven years ago, I put my brushes down. Beads are my first
love and I only draw to sketch a new idea for a necklace or
hair ornament.

This year I've added something new and exciting to my
collection - hair clips and headbands, flowered and feathered,
for every day and evening.

I enjoy making beautiful things that make people happy.

Artist's Biography

I'm a retired Hair Designer, and over the years I've gone in many
different directions
in my arts and crafts.  I first took up making stuffed bears from
large to miniature. Then
I was inspired by the arts of Sedona, AZ.  I took up reversed glass
painting of wild birds,
that were often sold in Sedona Resorts. Many years ago having
down time with a sore
back, I learned how to make baskets out of pine needles. My
latest venture into jewelry
making, was inspired by my husband Ted. Ted makes and designs
one of a kind
jewelry (necklaces) and, I wire wrap earrings, necklaces, and
pendants. I find that
jewelry making has been very rewarding and relaxing
I am starting to design and make polymer clay items as well.

Gloria Baron
I have been making handcrafted artisan chainmaille jewelry
for several years. Chainmaille is a type of metal fabric armor
that was worn by knight centuries ago. It consists of
hundreds or thousands of tiny circular rings. Each one is
opened, woven around others, and closed by hand to create
intricate patterns.  I take the same concepts of medieval
maille and apply them to modern jewelry pieces. I strive to
create unique, different designs that you won’t find anywhere
else in sterling silver or gold filled metals. This is a classic
form of jewelry design that will never go out of style. Since it’
s handmade by me, it’s completely customizable for you from
clasp, size or weaves.

“Gems by Elaine”
ELAINE’S necklaces are created from gemstone beads,
nature’s gift from the earth. The stones are combined in such
a way as to give a feeling of  texture, color, harmony and
She has been designing and producing jewelry from her
home for more than 25 years. To improve her inherent talent,
she has taken classes at the Gemological Institute of
America, when it was located in Santa Monica.
ELAINE has participated in many art shows over the years,
including the South West Arts Festival, the La Quinta Arts
Festival and the Indian Wells Arts Festival. In recent years,
however, she has been concentrating on the “Umbrella
Shows” in Old Town La Quinta.
She has many satisfied, repeat customers during this long
time span, which attests to the quality of her work. She
guarantees and stands behind each piece.
(760) 564-1880
Artist's Biography

DESERT STONES jewelry is available at The Pampered Bath
on El Paseo Drive in Palm Desert, California, at Art
Expressions Gallery and Studio in Palm Desert and Serenity
Gallery in San Diego, California.

If you’re in the Palm Desert, California area, I also teach
jewelry making techniques and I’m a certified Precious Metal
Clay (PMC) instructor and give private, semi-private and
group lessons.

I am always available as a vendor to assist you in the charity
of your choice, and happily donate a percentage of my net
proceeds to your special cause.  Private jewelry parties are
lots of fun, and jewelry making get-together's bring out the
artist in us all.  

Stevie's Website
Artist's Biography

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Zirena Rose Designs
Rose Mary Jameson has been designing and creating fashion in
various mediums for over thirty years. A graduate of Fashion
Institute of Design and Merchandising she has produced custom
wedding dresses, specialized couture for clients and theatrical
costumes for small and large venues. She has been named
Costumer of the Year several times for her work in Coachella Valley

Starting with a local athlete who went on to become an Olympic
contender, Rose Mary has designed Ice Skating dresses and
costumes for several International competitors. This led her to
experimentation with bead work; which in turn sparked an interest in
jewelry design. Mentored by several well-known artists, Rose Mary
soon developed her own unique style. Incorporating Fiber Arts with
the use of various bead and crystal embellishments, she has
introduced the “Elements Earth” handbag, which is the first of four in
a series.   

Several of her pieces have been featured in beading magazines and
calendars. She was a finalist in the Swarovski Crystal Design
contest in 2007 and her work was a featured part of their travelling
Rose Mary teaches classes here in the valley and currently offers
classes at Monica’s Quilt and Bead Creations.
To arrange for private and group classes please contact Rose Mary
at (760 835-2416 or at
Artist's Biography

My name is Dianne Stern
For several years my home away from home has been
"Monica's Quilt and Bead Creations"
I am an avid quilter.
While at the store one day I decided to visit the
"other side"  of the store  -
The beading section. I signed up for
"Beading 101"
and the rest is history.
I take ongoing beading classes to expand  my
design making abilities.
I consider my jewelry " fun to wear"

I can be reached at (760) 802-1756

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Artist's Biography

Judy Aussenhofer
AussenWolf Designs
Jewelry for the Alpha Woman in each of us.
Anything and everything in the Arts and Crafts field has intrigued
me since I was a child.  My wonderful great aunt taught me to knit
and crochet when I was six years old and I enjoy these crafts to
this day.  One of my other passions as a child was rocks.  I loved
them!  Each one has a unique coloration and texture that has always
fascinated me.
I finally began working with semi-precious stones and jewelry in
2002.  At first I only made jewelry as a hobby for family and
friends.  After moving to Idyllwild in 2006, I took another class
in beading at the local bead shop to improve my skills.  Upon
seeing some of my own designs the shop owner, LaDawn Maerin,
encouraged me to both sell my creations and to teach at her shop.  
Since then I have taken classes with many fine artists including
Sharilyn Miller and Connie Fox.
My current works are in semi-precious stones and beads of all
kinds.  They include bead stringing, wire weaving and wrapping,
and precious metal clays.  I love designing jewelry for the alpha
woman in each of us—a woman who is a leader in her pack, who is
confident, loyal, often whimsical, and has a aura of mystery.  I
hope you will enjoy my designs.


Starr has been making lamp work art glass beads since 1998.  Her
creative background is varied with a concentration in ceramics,
stained glass, textiles, jewelery, and fiber.  She has a degree in
Psychology  with a minor in ceramics.
Starr worked as a Psychotherapist for many years while rearing her
4 children.  After retiring from the mental health field she and her
husband moved to
Palm Desert, Ca.  
Her love of the torch is evident in her finished art beads.  She
incorporates them into her wearable art. Her beads have been
accepted in juried shows across the country.  If you want to learn
glass bead making she also teaches at her studio. Starr currently
has 2 published knitted handbag patterns along with her individual
glass beads for sale at Monica's Quilt and Bead Creations.

Stop in and see me at the Festival!

About the Designer

The Girls

Ms. Lanivich has been inspired and influenced by a most interesting life.
A life full of glamour and beauty came very naturally for this gifted
Michigan born girl. She became an Award Winning Hairstylist shortly
after completing beauty school, a fulfillment of her dreams. She has a
great eye for balance and a flair for beauty. She loved molding and
weaving the hair into fantasy designs that won her many awards.

As she followed her passion for glamour and beauty, she set her sights
for the movie industry, and California was the place to be, as any young
starlet would do. Her acting and musical talents were fun and exciting,
but her creative talent would soon take a surprising turn. As she started
creating the most unusual accessories for her fellow actresses and
friends. She was unexpectedly discovered by a large Los Angeles
dress Manufacture.

This talented hobby soon became a big business as she began
providing her special designer trims for several large dress
manufactures in Los Angeles. In 1986, Lanivich Designs was
established; becoming the love of her life. This was truly a gift from God.
Ms. Lanivich would continue to expand her horizons as she went on to
design the most beautiful jackets,  belts,  jewelry and home decor.

Her designs would be sported by celebrities from Elizabeth Taylor to
Tanya Tucker and also to royalty and notables and sold to specialty
stores all over the world,  including a very upscale store in Caesar's
Palace Las Vegas, where Lanivich was sold exclusively.

Her unusual and unique designs won the hearts of the most posh supper
club in Beverly Hills California. The proprietors choose her to be the
adjacent store that would be open until  closing with the club. This
enchanting boutique was filled with an eclectic mix of specialty items
from antiques, art, and of course, the Lanivich originals. From the many
who strolled through the portals of this amazing store, these words
would always be expressed, "every things so beautiful."

Ms. Lanivich now resides in beautiful palm desert. She is not only
inspired by the beauty of the desert, but also by all her original fabulous
trims and vintage pieces that she has acquired from all over the world.
She loves creating one of kind signature originals from her immense
inventory of collectibles, always with respect for old world craftsmanship
and careful attention to detail

Her designs are always of a rich nature and have a European flair, true
to her ethnic roots. Till this day, Lanivich always signs her originals as a
symbol of quality and excellence. She puts her heart and soul into every
piece. Truly a labor of love.

Her sincere desire is that you will find a Lanivich original that will excite
and captivate you, one you will treasure forever. Once you have one, you
will soon become a collector, as many of her patrons are.
It brings her great joy to watch a person light up as they grace
themselves in these glorious designs, art that frames their beauty and
expresses their innermost magnificence.

Ms. Lanivich is constantly creating new designs to tempt creative

Art to wear that is as individual and unique as you are. Enjoy the
(biography to follow)
Turquoise and Silver Jewelry

Artist David K. Aaker has designed Award Winning Southwest
and contemporary style jewelry for over 20 years.
Gathering supplies, findings and raw material from around the
United States and abroad, provide a continuous supply of
new design ideas and products.
David has his jewelry featured in gift shops in over 4 states,
and this has given his specific style of jewelry National

Turquoise, Coral, Glass Beads, Chevrons, Bone, Brass,
Sterling Silver, Gemstones, Ocean Shell Heshi,Silver Plate
beads, Pewter Toggles are just a few of the ingredients used
to create each unique piece of jewelry.

Turquoise is a very porous stone, and to stop discoloration of
the stones over time, the majority of Turquoise is stabilized.
Stabilization is done by soaking the stones for 6-8 weeks in a
clear acrylic. This results in the resistance of absorbing skin
oils, pollution and cosmetics as you enjoy your Turquoise
jewelry for a lifetime. From Necklace sets with matching
bracelets, and earrings,
To individual custom orders,
Know that each piece is handmade one at a time.

Southwest Influenced Adornment
David K. Aaker
P.O. Box 509
Palm Springs, California 92263
Emilia Louisa

I use gemstones in my work as well as special pieces people give to me.  I also
use sterling silver and deeply appreciate how nice the silver looks with the
various gemstones.  I work on the loom weaving beads to accent some
beautiful Touchstone Pottery pendants, gemstone cabocarbons and incredible
fossils to incorporate into my work.

My work is regularly on display at the Desert Art Center in Palm Springs,
California from October 1st through May 31st.  The Desert Art Center is a
non-profit cooperative group that raises funding for art scholarships and it is my
pleasure to participate with other members of the Desert Art Center to support
such an important endeavor.

As a member of the Chaparral Artist Group, I also show my work with other
Chaparral artists at local events in Yucca Valley, CA, Joshua Tree, CA & 29
Palms, CA.

Show Schedule:

"Art Under the Umbrellas" for the 2010-2011 season in La Quinta, California -
October through April.
The August 28th and 29th 2010 Idyllwild Jazz Under the Pines Festival.
The Earth Day Fair, May, 2010 held in Yucca Valley, California at the Yucca
Valley Community Center.
The Banning Cultural Alliance, May 22nd 2010 in Banning, California
The Arts in the Dunes Festival, November 20th and 21st 2010 at the Vintage
Nursery on Darby Road in Bermuda Dunes, California

I look forward to each showing.  I meet wonderful people at the shows and love
to share creative ideas.

If you share an interest in the kinds of work I do, please contact me at the email
address listed below or come visit at one of the shows in which I will participate.
 I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it.
HERE   for additional photos of  my works.

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Pat Newton
is a Dichroic Glass Artist

who lives full time in Rancho Mirage. Since 1988 she
has been making wearable art. She creates pendants
and earrings by fusing in a kiln many pieces of Dichroic
coated glass. As many as 5 firings may occur to create
one piece giving each the unique color changing
properties of fire opals.

No two pieces are identical.
Pendants are priced from $30 to $85, and necklaces
with semi-precious beads are $125 to $250.
She hopes people will enjoy wearing these special one
of a kind pieces as much as she enjoys making them.