Rules, Regulations and Rates
November 20 and 21, 2010
The Vintage Nursery – Darby Road,
Bermuda Dunes, CA

he purpose of the Art in the Dunes Festival is to promote community awareness of Bermuda
Dunes as a great place to live, work and play. It is the goal of the Festival Committee to
schedule activities that will promote a wholesome family atmosphere for residents,
businesses and visitors. We want to improve the image of Bermuda Dunes and tell everyone
about the spirit and creativity of its residents.
The Art in the Dunes Festival is a fund-raiser for schools within the
Desert Sands Unified School District.

Each participant must fall into one of the following categories, governed by the following
specific Rules:


Art, crafts, jewelry, or wearable accessories or home-made food stuff vendors will be required to
send photos, or make an appointment for the Selection Committee to review items.


All food service vendors must stay in their specified booths during this event. Art in the Dunes
food operators (except produce or 100% pre-packaged non-potentially hazardous food
vendors) shall own a restaurant or get approval from Riverside County Environmental Health
Department to operate out of an approved local food establishment. If a food vendor operates
out of an approved commissary, all food related products are to be stored at the commissary. At
no time shall food, or related products be stored at home or other unapproved location.
Participating restaurants will be subject to the same application and review process as all other
food service vendors.
All food service vendors must have adequate trash containers for refuse as indicated by Art in
the Dunes Coordinator, which shall include at least (1) trash can, and shall clean and remove
any trash or debris from their booth area and surrounding areas before leaving the
Art in the Dunes event.

Food service equipment shall be equipped with tight-fitting closures to prevent the entrance of
Facilities for the sanitary disposal of all liquid waste are required and are subject to the
approval of the Riverside County Health Department.
All condiments are to be individually wrapped or dispensed from sanitary pour-, pump-, or
squeeze-type devices.
All food service vendors must comply with requirements imposed by the Riverside County
Health Department, including securing and continuously maintaining a yearly Riverside County
Health Department food permit.
Food vendor vehicles must be moved out of the event perimeter prior to commencement of this
All areas must be kept neat and clean at all times.
No food preparation may take place outdoors, except the cooking of foods on burners which to
not produce smoke


Additional miscellaneous categories for participation in Art in the Dunes Festival include the
Aromatics including incense, potpourri, scented oils, candles, and limited accessories
Entertainers wishing to perform at Art in the Dunes Festival must contact the Planning
Committee Coordinator.


A business that does not meet the proper criteria under category guidelines may become
involved with the event by becoming a sponsor and setting up a booth for marketing purposes.


The application fee must be in the form of a check or money order and must bear the
applicant’s drivers license number and expiration date and a copy of a picture identification.
Applications must be complete.

Make checks or Money Orders out to Art in the Dunes

Send to:
Art in the Dunes Committee
79765 Ryan Way
Bermuda Dunes, CA 92203

General Rules for Participants

Vendors must participate once space is allocated. There is no fee credit given to a vendor if
they decide not to participate, for whatever reason.

Sales privileges and space may not be sold, sublet or transferred in any way.

Participants must show what they indicate on application only.  So please be specific when you
fill in what product you will be showing in this event. The Festival Committee has the right to
ask participants to remove items or vacate premises if this is not followed.

Participants in the event shall be appropriately dressed and conduct themselves in an orderly
and businesslike manner. The Festival Committee has the right to refund money to individuals
who are declared to be ‘problematic,’ for the festival and/or Committee.

No person shall deface or otherwise abuse the parking lot, plants or landscape.

Art in the Dunes Festival is under no obligation to provide water or any equipment to

Participants are required to bring EVERYTHING. Electricity is provided to those who may have
a need. This is limited, so tell us when you send in your application.

Power cords must be completely taped down/or covered to limit the liability for the vendor and
conform to safety requirements.

Please bring tables, covers, chairs, umbrella (if needed), tents, sacks, tissue, money (change),
or whatever you require to conduct your business.

Participants must police all streets, curbs, sidewalks and areas surrounding their booth and
remove all litter and stains that result from their activity. When removing setups, all participants
must clean their own spaces.

No alcoholic beverages are to be consumed or sold within a booth.

Dimensions of space allocated and fee structure:
Fees are for 2-Days
w/Security provided Friday and Saturday nights

10x10 space - $150.00, if paid prior to August 1 - $125

10x15 space - $200.00, if paid prior to August 1 - $175

Larger spaces available $250 plus – depending on size and location – notify Committee.

Food Vendors – Rates are listed in separate Food Vendor information

Participants must stay within their assigned spaces and out of fire lanes at all times.
If showing flammable items your tables must be covered and draped with a fire retardant fabric,
which may be either a disposable or non-disposable material of red, green or white. You will be
required to have a fire extinguisher at your location.

The covering or draping should be neat and clean and should not be more than two (2) inches
from the ground on all sides.

Vendors must remove all boxes and containers used in the transportation of their merchandise
BEFORE the event begins. Empty boxes may be stored under tables as long as they are not


Participants may begin setting up at 12 Noon on Friday, November, 19, 2010. This day is for
bringing in tents and heavy items. Set up on Saturday, November 20, starts at 7 AM. No
automobiles allowed in festival area this day. We will have shuttle service available for those of
you who need help in bringing final art or works.

Final details and instructions will be sent out 2 weeks prior to this event.

We will have a schedule for arrival on Friday and Saturday and we require ALL participants to
adhere by their time frames. If you arrive at an unscheduled time – you will not get inside. You
will have to park your cars and wait until the appropriate time of arrival.
Participants shall park in Vendor parking area.  No vendor or participant may bring their vehicle
into event once it begins.

All participants shall indemnify, defend, and save harmless Art in the Dunes Festival officers or
agents, from and against any and all claims, demands, law suits, penalties or liabilities by any
name and of any kind or nature whatsoever, which the Art in the Dunes officers may sustain or
incur, or which may be imposed upon them or any of them, for injury to or death of any person,
or damage to any property, as a result of, or arising out of, the participant’s acts of omissions in
connection with this event.


November 20, 2010 - 10:00 AM – 4 PM
November 21, 2010 – 10:00 AM – 4 PM