During the course of my 40+ year career as an RN, primarily in
emergency medicine, I became more and more interested in
alternative medicines especially aromatherapy --- with a primary
focus on lavender and its relaxing effects.  For several years prior to
starting my own small field, I was making lavender soaps
using  dried lavender from a friend.   
After attending the Sequim Washington Lavender Festival a few
years ago, I came home very excited about having my own lavender
field.  On that trip, I was advised by a farm owner that 30 plants was
"all you need" for personal crafting.  In 2004 I began with 3 dozen
plug plants, 28 survived the first winter.  I did well selling lavender
sachets at craft fairs and on e-bay.


cell is 559-905-1835

Lavender Field and Products
by The Lavender Queen
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I sell golf cart seat covers. I started my business in
2003 after I experienced many cold and hot golf cart
seats while playing at the various golf tournaments.
Additionally, the seats were usually dirty so wearing
white was questionable.
The company appropriately known as Par4Dar
Products has traveled the circuit of Southern California.
My seat covers are in many of the country clubs and
they have been given as tee prizes.
The covers are on display (and for sale) at the
Bermuda Dunes Country Club Pro Shop.
We do special orders.
See you at the Festival!

Mother’s Secret
Hot Fudge Sauce
Created in 1955
As a young bride, my Mother-in-law introduced me to
many family recipes including her recipe for Hot Fudge
Sauce. She created the recipe in her kitchen in 1955 and
served it at the Soda Fountain of their family owned
business, "Winship Drug".

It was the typical “drug store” of the 50’s and 60’s with a
pharmacy, soda fountain, sundries, gifts, and beach
supplies, located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

When Mother made a huge pot of hot fudge sauce daily
and cooked it in the back kitchen, people could smell that
rich, dark, chocolate sauce cooking as soon as they came in
the front door.

Over the years I have made hundreds of jars of hot fudge
for friends. I love the scent of that smooth, dark, hot fudge
sauce cooking in my kitchen. Mother said I was to keep this
recipe in the family. I promised to honor her request and
teach my future daughters and
daughter-in-law to make it; and share it for generations to

For the “Art in the Dunes” festival, my daughter-in-law and
I have made lots of jars of hot fudge sauce. We will have
samples for you, so come by and get a taste from my
young grandsons. The jars for sale will be wrapped for
Christmas. I think you’ll enjoy trying one yourself and
giving some as a gift.
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Dawn has had an affection for all types of fine arts and crafts
since High School.  She has done everything from sculpting,
drawing, and painting, to making jewelry, silk screens, and
candles.  In college she majored in commercial art with
emphasis on interior design, but later switched to a business
major for advancement in her career as a logistics manager
in the aerospace industry.  When she decided to become a
stay-at-home mom, Dawn was able to devote more energy
back into arts and crafts.
One of the things she came across while pursuing various
crafts was making soy candles.  Since these all natural soy
candles are environmentally friendly (Go Green!!!), and
support the American farmer, she became very interested in
sharing this great candle option with others, and thus, Ivie’s
SoyLight Mist Candles was born.

SoyLight Mist Candles are an all natural, non-toxic,
biodegradable, environmentally preferable, and renewable
resource option for those who love to burn candles.  These
soy candles are clean burning and the wax cleans up with
soap and water.  There are many more benefits to these all
natural soy candles.   But, buyer beware, because some
candles labeled as “SOY” are actually mixed with paraffin.  
I am convinced you will love our all natural soy candles.
They are just another way to make . . .