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Painting by Nancy Lynn - Bermuda Dunes Artist

Formerly the community's name was Myoma. Bermuda Dunes was developed in 1962 by Ernie Dunlevie and Ray Ryan. Among
other celebrities Clark Gable had a home in Bermuda Dunes. Bermuda Dunes is served by the Bermuda Dunes Airport.

South of Interstate 10 and east of Washington Street, Bermuda Dunes is a busy residential community of 7,282.  This community
is known for its large estate-style homes and the Bermuda Dunes Country Club. Bermuda Dunes is home to a general-aviation
airport, and, as such, it provides a habitat for such diverse interests as airplanes, horses and golf.

The CDP's name originated from the Bermuda Dunes country club, a golf course community first opened in 1959 and the former
site of the Bob Hope Chrysler Golf Classic.

Public Services

The area's public services: Education - the Desert Sands Unified School District, plus a private school: Christian Schools of the
Desert, which is a preschool - grade 12 school. Electricity is provided by the Indio-based Imperial Irrigation District and Southern
California Edison across Washington Street. Water is provided by both the IID the Myoma Dunes Water Company, and Telephone
service is by Verizon.
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